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febuary all ready!

16 Feb

Wow its febuary all ready watching telly leave a comment saying what you are doing between the time 12.47-12.50 on Saturday 16th of Febuary 2013.

nearly Christmas what fashion shall I wear

21 Dec

Well we are all very excited for Christmas presents, turkey, desert! , santa , films, wrapping paper but what should I wear?


A  bright dress to make you stand out at dinner!                or

if you are a casual denim person a pair of jeans and a new look/topshop top and cardi with your hair in a milkmaid plait.

gok wan fashion interviewing with Derek fyfe

1 Oct

right Derek

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 you have a  little swag! not very much though!

1. wear the gold sandy chinos

2. have blonde high light mixed with a greenish colour

3. wear black elf shoes

4. wear charms and bracelets

5. wear a belt from new look( tiger print)

6. big glasses

7. left ear piereced

8.diamond ring

9. all star shoes

10. gok wan interview complete




29 Sep

i have a pug it snores sandy coloured and sleeps non stop!


rihannas latest look

29 Sep

well do you like rihannas latest look.Image

flossys hitops or vanns

29 Sep

well flossys or hi tops or vanns what do u like best and why??